Development and Technology of Biologic Pharmaceuticals

Published Date: May 01 2023

Development status of biologic pharmaceuticals

The development history of biologic pharmaceuticals is relatively short, but its development speed is fast, especially with the maturity and perfection of various advanced scientific technologies, which lays a solid technical support for the rapid development of biologic pharmaceuticals.

The products generated by biologic pharmaceutical technology have also greatly affected people's production and life. In the continuous development of emerging technologies, it can promote innovative research and development of biologic pharmaceuticals, and can provide significant help to promote the development of the medical industry. Therefore, developers of biologic pharmaceuticals need to strengthen their in-depth research of biologic pharmaceutical technology, utilize various advanced technologies to promote the orderly development of biologic pharmaceuticals, and fully tap the application value of biologic pharmaceutical technology.

Characteristics of biologic pharmaceutical technology

Currently, the main features of biologic pharmaceutical technology are shown as follows:

  • Biologic pharmaceutical technology requires considerable investment

When developing and innovating biologic pharmaceutical technology, it relies heavily on funding and must have sufficient financial support to improve the application results of biologic pharmaceutical technology. In this case, the investment of biologic pharmaceuticals keeps increasing. For example, the research cost of a new drug in foreign countries is two hundred million dollars, and the more difficult the drug research and development, the more funds are needed.

  • Drug development is a lengthy process

Regardless of any new type of drugs, they must undergo numerous procedures during the development process, such as design, synthesis, testing, and verification, and can only be mass-produced and put on the market after being qualified. Each process requires strict control and has a series of approval processes. The general development time for new drugs is 6 to 8 years, and some drugs with relatively high research and development difficulties may even take longer than 8 years.

  • High return on investment

Although the investment of biologic pharmaceutical technology in the application process is relatively high, the risks faced are also relatively high, but the returns it brings are also relatively high. From the analysis of enterprise profits, the investment cost of developing new drugs can be recovered within 2 to 3 years. Developing some special drugs may even monopolize the market. For example, researching drugs for major diseases such as cancer can monopolize the entire market and have a high profit margin. From the perspective of societal benefits, the research and application of new drugs can further safeguard human health.


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