Reforming High Barriers to Production of Recombinant Trypsin

Published Date: Mar 24 2023

The enzyme trypsin is a serine protease widely used in biotechnology engineering due to its high stability and purity, and can be applied in cell culture, medical production and insulin manufacturing. The enzyme trypsin is mainly extracted from cows, sheep and pigs and is mainly used in drug production. Although the scope of application of the enzyme trypsin is wide, the demand is relatively small, and the market size is small.

The enzyme trypsin can be divided into two types according to its source, animal-derived the enzyme trypsin and non-animal-derived the enzyme trypsin. The former is derived from the pancreatic tissue of cows and pigs and may carry virus contamination. The latter is a recombinant trypsin produced by gene recombination technology, which has a higher safety and better prospects for future development.

According to the Industry Research Center's report, the enzyme trypsin is mainly used in cell therapy, vaccine production, and insulin production, with insulin and vaccine production being the main application fields. Currently, animal-derived the enzyme trypsin is still mainly used, and the demand for recombinant trypsin depends on imports, and the market share is relatively small, but there is large room for growth in the future.

Recombinant trypsin was first widely used in insulin production

In terms of market capacity, vaccine production has a higher demand for recombinant trypsin. However, in practical applications, due to the urgency of the epidemic situation, most companies still choose to use animal-derived the enzyme trypsin for production. However, with the gradual improvement of the situation, recombinant trypsin may gradually be used in vaccines.

The enzyme trypsin is an important raw material for insulin production

Insulin companies can basically produce the enzyme trypsin themselves. The enzyme trypsin has irreplaceable importance as an important medical auxiliary material. Although the market size is small, the overall market demand shows a stable growth trend. In terms of application, insulin and vaccine production have a higher demand for the enzyme trypsin. Affected by the epidemic, the overall demand for vaccines has increased, which is conducive to the development of the the enzyme trypsin industry. According to different sources, the enzyme trypsin can be divided into non-animal sources and animal sources. Among them, the safety of non-animal-derived recombinant trypsin is higher, and the industry's development prospects are better.

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