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  • Q How do I find pre-sales and post-sales support?

    Complete our online form and we will contact with you. You can also contact your sales representative.

  • Q How do I know the application of the products?

    Click on the type of Application Center you have for a quick describe to guide you through the registration process.

    • Bio-Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Solution

    • Cosmetic Raw Materials Solution

    • Customization Solution

  • Q What can I get from you?
    • High quality product

    • Seamless production capability of independent research and development

    • Stable supply with a global network

    • Regulatory documents support

    • Customized solutions

  • Q Do you offer media without phenol red (phenol red-free media)?

    Yes, please check the page of our phenol red-free media products.

  • Q What's the difference between your product and the original product?

    According to the results of several testing options of our products, such as purity, molecular weight, full amino acid sequence, isoelectric point, biological activity, etc. shows that our product is comparable to the original product quality and data

  • Q Do you have animal origin-free enzyme for cell therapy and protein analysis?

    Yes, all of our Recombinant enzyme products are non-animal enzyme which produce by gene engineer process. Recombinant Trypsin enzyme(10g/100g/1kg/vial) has demonstrated the ability to therapy the cells cultured both in serum-free and serum-supplemented systems. The Recombinant Lysyl Endopeptidase(20μg/100AU/1000AU/vial) have excellent performance in protein analysis. Both formulations are also available in additional sizes. All these products are animal origin-free.

  • Q How can I keep the powder in the refrigerator after thawing?

    Normally, the powder product can be stored refrigerated for up to 24 month. However, this may vary depending on how often it is warmed up and used during that week. It may also depend on how tightly the cells are attached, because there will be some loss of activity each day the trypsin is not frozen.

  • Q Are there any incompatibility of polypeptide raw material?

    Generally speaking, our polypeptide has high compatibility, and there is no special incompatibility. In order to keep the high active, please try to avoid mixing with strong electrolytes and strong oxidants.

  • Q What are the requirements for the purpose of using raw materials?

    The use purpose of raw materials should be truthfully marked in the formula table according to the actual production situation, and should be consistent with the chemical properties of raw materials and formula system.

  • Q How to provide basic information for risk substance assessment?

    The information we provided will show the source of Stander and regulations or documents, including the assessment of risk substances, safe dose and other main contents. All the risk substance assessment comes from the third testing organization.

  • Q How to handle the registration and filing of cosmetics with entrusted production?

    If a cosmetics registrant or filer entrusts the production of domestic cosmetics, the cosmetics registrant, filer or domestic responsible person shall submit the registration application and filing after the cosmetics manufacturer confirms the entrusted production relationship through the registration and filing information service platform; Where a cosmetic registrant or filer entrusts the production of imported cosmetics, the cosmetic registrant, filer or domestic responsible person shall submit relevant materials to prove the entrusted production relationship when applying for registration and filing.

  • Q Is the formula allowed to be changed?

    The formula of registered cosmetics cannot be changed. According to the measures for the administration of cosmetics registration and filing and the provisions on the administration of cosmetics registration and filing materials, the registered and filed cosmetics inevitably have small changes in the product formula due to the change of suppliers of the raw materials used. In this case, small changes in the formula are allowed, but the obligations specified in the measures and the provisions shall be fulfilled. In addition, if the product formula changes in this case, which essentially constitutes a new product, it shall re apply for registration and filing.

  • Q What sunscreen tests should be done for sunscreen products?

    The 《administrative license test specification for cosmetics》 stipulates that sunscreen products need to be tested for "sunscreen". At present, there are a variety of sunscreen testing methods in the 《technical specifications for the safety of cosmetics》. When applying for sunscreen products, the applicant should verify the declared formula. If the sunscreen used in the formula is beyond "15 components such as phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid" and there are clear sunscreen testing methods (except titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), the item should be tested. For other products with sunscreen (except titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) content ≥ 0.5% (w / W), the requirements for adding sunscreen items shall be the same as above.


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All products from the site for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Reproduction of any materials is strictly forbidden without permission.