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Published Date: Nov 14 2022


Collagen : Breaking the code of delaying aging of skin

The greatest painter DaVinci is a code enthusiast and every painting he left is not as simple as it seems. In1731, Dr. Brandt, the father of collagen, once said: "The process of skin aging is the process of collagen loss."


As for the delicate human body, how can we replenish the missing collagen?

Actually, the unit that constitutes the most basic structure and function of the human body is the cell, and the extracellular matrix exists between cells. The extracellular matrix is produced by the cell itself, which is a substance without any cell shape and structure. The group formed by the extracellular matrix is called tissue. Generally, it is roughly classified into four basic tissues according to different types of cells: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, muscle tissue and nerve tissue. The epidermis and dermis and hypodermis are closely related to our skin.

Epidermis: The epidermis is composed of the outermost tissue of the skin. It is the protective layer on the surface of the body, which can maintain the water in the body and prevent pathogens from entering the body.

Dermis and hypodermis: The connective tissue composed by another connective tissue and fat is different from that of epithelial tissue. The connective tissue is composed of a large number of extracellular matrix and cells scattered in it. The extracellular matrix contains matrix, fibers, interstitial fluid, etc. The collagen is the most important protein in animal connective tissue and the most important component in the extracellular matrix. The animal connective tissue generally contains about 60%-70% of water and also 20%-30% of collagen. In other words, the collagen accounts for a quarter of the protein and mainly distributes in the connective tissue in the human body. It is also known as the frame of life, which can protect and connect various tissues to support the body constitution.


※ 01 Comparison of the Source and Preparation between the Normal Collagen and Recombinant Human Micro-molecule Collagen

At present, animal-based extraction is widely used in mainstream preparation due to its mature technology. However, there are risks of virus infection and immunogenicity. The Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen developed by GENE-BIOCON applies yeast fermentation and enzymolysis technology with safe and reliable source, which promotes the high-density expression of bacterial strain and culture and ensures the biological activity and the separation and purification. It is shown that the Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen is safer and purer with a shorter production cycle.


※ 02 Eukaryotic Pichia Pastoris High-density Expression System, Large-scale Production, No Toxicity and Side Effect

Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen developed by GENE-BIOCON adopts the high-density expression system of Eukaryotic Pichia pastoris. Pichia pastoris belongs to eukaryotes with clear genetic background, easy operation of molecular genetics, wide application, etc. It has the closest microbial expression system to humans. In addition to this, Pichia pastoris has the low cost of fermental cultivation, no toxicity and side effect, easy and simple purification. It can be fermented and cultured at high density and is suitable for large-scale industrial production.


※ 03 Difference in the Molecular Weight and Absorption among Recombinant Human Micro-molecule, Mid-molecule, Macro-molecule and Collagen Peptides

Differences in Molecular Weight

Most of the Recombinant human collagen in the market are macro-molecules and mid-molecules with the molecular weight between 10-300 KDa. The collagen peptide is called small peptide or oligopeptide with the molecular weight below 1000 Da. The molecular weight of Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen is between 500 and 5000 Da.

Differences in Absorption

The absorption and actual effect of macro-molecule, mid-molecule collagen and collagen peptides are greatly different from each other. The smaller the molecular weight, the easier to be absorbed. It is unscientific to measure the absorption rate simply based on the molecular weight of collagen. According to the literature. The 500 Dalton rule for the skin penetration of chemical compounds and drugs in Dermatology, it is pointed out that the molecular weight cutoff of compounds absorbed by normal skin (NS) through the stratum corneum is 500 Da. Atopic dermatitis skin (AD) and mucosal-damaged skin (M) can absorb compounds above 800 Da and 1000 Da.


Therefore, researchers in GENE-BIOCON, the bio pharmaceuticals company, utilized a series of high-density expression patented technologies to adjust the bacterial strain. With the combination of high-throughput screening technology, they obtained high-yield and high-activity yeast strains. As the expression level of Recombinant collagen reached 20 g/L, finally they completed the Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen with molecular weight of 500-5000 Da and the number of amino acids was between 5-50. The R&D of the project lasts nearly 2 years and invests tens of millions of yuan.

The product belongs to the double quality standard of food grade and cosmetic grade. It’s also produced conforming to GMP standards. At present, the patent of this product is in the process of approval, it has the complete intellectual property rights.


※ 04 Comparison of Application and Absorption between Recombinant Human Micro-molecule Collagen and Recombinant Human Mid-molecule Collagen

1) Better supplementing the collagen needed by the human body and skin.

Collagen is often added to functional food and heal care products. However, because of its high molecular weight, the digestion and absorption rate is low after taking it. The solution to the problem is to prepare the collagen into micro-molecule collagen as it has low molecular weight and excellent water solubility, and it is easily absorbed by the intestinal wall and performs the biological functions. With unique absorption, micro-molecule composed of 5-50 amino acids can directly and fast be absorbed in the small intestine without the digestion process. People can enhance human immunity and develop the hair and bone after taking the food, beverages and health care products containing Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen.


2)Replenishing the nutrients required by the skin, improving skin elasticity, repairing damaged skin and delaying the aging of the skin.

Micro-molecule collagen has high permeability as it can be well absorbed and utilized by human skin tissue to replenish the nutrients required by the skin. It makes the skin more moisturized and smooth and also increase the elasticity and tension of the skin. During the research and development of Recombinant micro-molecule collagen, researchers in GENE-BIOCON not only ensures the advantage of a ' high percutaneous absorption rate’, but also consider the ‘biological activity’, so that the two reach the optimum balance, that is, the Recombinant micro-molecule collagen has high percutaneous absorption rate and high biological activity.

3)Absorption is the key to determine the effectiveness of functional raw materials

In terms of the key factor of percutaneous absorption rate, through vertical Franz diffusion system and high-performance liquid chromatography instrument, researchers in GENE-BIOCON used small porket skin (the thickness quantified to 0.6-0.8mm, including epidermis and dermis) to conduct a parallel comparison test of Recombinant human mid-molecule collagen and Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen for 24 hours. It was indicated that the percutaneous absorption rate of Recombinant human micro-molecule was significantly higher than that of Recombinant human mid-molecule collagen, and the absorption rate could reach up to 244.5%. At the same tine, the collagen absorbed by the dermis and hypodermis of Recombinant micro-molecule collagen can be used as a repository with the potential of releasing and replenishing free collagen for 24 hours (as shown below).


At the same time, 30 volunteers aged 29 to 50 are recruited and divided into three groups. They are required to apply a serum containing 0.05% Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen to the area of inflammation and acne pits twice a day (in the morning and evening). After this, they skin will be tested respectively after the serum-free day, 14 days, 28 days and 42 days. After the use of DJM Medical Instrument GmbH skin detector, RBX image technology is utilized to analyze and take pictures, and then it is seen that Recombinant human micro-molecule has excellent performance in repairing acne pimple, sensitive skin and skin barrier.


※ 05 Conclusion

Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen are the only one for you in this multifarious world. Collagen is in the stage of high growth rate and strong profits in the field of food and cosmetics. After scientific matching and data comparison, GENE-BIOCON’s Recombinant human micro-molecule collagen greatly surpasses the Recombinant human macro-molecule and mid-molecule collagen in terms of replenishing the collagen required by human body, removing wrinkles, repairing damaged skin. It can be well absorbed by human body and skin tissue and accurately act on the stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis of skin. In addition, it can promote its own ability of synthesizing collagen and replenish the collagen at the same time, directly repair the skin base and enhance the body’s immunity. In this way, the skin will be back to be smooth and fine with double effect of replenishing and synthesis.

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