New Drug for Diabetes: Liraglutide

Published Date: Nov 08 2022

Liraglutide, a "smart" drug that can "intelligently" lower blood sugar, could be offered to diabetics, the European Congress for the Study of Diabetes heard. Liraglutide belongs to a novel GLP-1 analogue that has been described as a "smart" drug in the field of diabetes treatment. It can effectively control blood sugar from the early stage when patients are diagnosed with diabetes, so that patients can live like healthy people.

1. Liraglutide is also known as the analogue of human glucagon-like polypeptide-1

Liraglutide is a blood sugar lowering drug naturally produced by the body to promote liraglutide insulin degludec production. Human glucagon-like polypeptide-1 is a physiological polypeptide in the body, which can promote the secretion of insulin by β cells and inhibit the secretion of insulin antagonistic hormone glucagon according to the level of glucose in the body, so as to play a hypoglycemic role. Liraglutide (glucagon like peptide-1 analogue), which is prepared by replacing one amino acid of human glucagon like peptide-1 and adding a short fatty acid side chain, can overcome the disadvantage of continuous intravenous infusion/continuous subcutaneous injection for glucagon like peptide-1 application. Good hypoglycemic effects and a variety of non-hypoglycemic benefits can be achieved with just one daily injection.

2. Characteristics and advantages of Liraglutide

Liraglutide only needs a daily injection; Both used alone and in combination with other oral drugs, it can significantly reduce HBA1c. Low incidence of hypoglycemia; It has obvious effect on reducing body weight, and the effect is more significant in obese patients. It can improve β cell function and delay the progression of diabetes. Lowering blood pressure and thus showing beneficial effects in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Liraglutide has revolutionized the treatment of diabetes

Currently, a large number of phase III clinical trials of liraglutide are underway (demonstrating efficacy in a large number of patients, measuring adverse reactions; And compared with other commonly used drugs to confirm its advantages or characteristics), and has obtained very ideal results. As a new generation of hypoglycemic drugs, liraglutide therapy has excellent hypoglycemic effect and very low risk of hypoglycemia, and can reduce body weight, improve β cell function, reduce blood pressure and lipid, showing the potential to delay the progression of diabetes and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular complications of diabetes. This combination of multiple effects is not available in the existing therapeutic drugs. This kind of product has attracted the attention of medical professionals, and will certainly bring a revolution in the field of diabetes treatment.

Absorption of liraglutide by subcutaneous injection is relatively slow, reaching its maximum concentration 8 to 12 hours after administration. The maximum concentration of liraglutide was estimated to be 9.4 nmol/L after a single subcutaneous injection of 0.6 mg. At the dose level of 1.8 mg liraglutide, the mean steady-state concentration of liraglutide reached about 34nmol/L. Liraglutide exposure increased proportionally with dose. The coefficient of variation in the area under the curve was 11% for a single dose of liraglutide.


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