Recombinant Human Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1)

CAS.NO: 67763-96-6

Recombinant IGF1 Human Insulin-like Growth Factor, also known as growth factor C (Somatomedin C), belongs to the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)family and is structurally homologous to proinsulin. The recombinant IGF-1 insulin growth factor is a mitogenic polypeptide growth factor that stimulates the proliferation and survival of various cells such as muscle, bone, and cartilage in vitro.

Recombinant  Human Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1)

Recombinant  Human Insulin-like Growth Factor Specifications

Product Name
Recombinant  Human Insulin-like Growth Factor
Pichia Pastoris
White or off-white lyophilized powder
Molecular Weight
7.7kD±0.8 kD

< 0.2 EU/µg

≥2.2×105 IU/mg pro
Isoelectric Point
Good solubility in water, buffer, and medium
Storage Conditions
-15℃ below, protected from light, sealed

The data should be subject to test report of products.

IGF-1 Insulin Applicaton

IGF-1 insulin growth factor is widely used in cell culture to enhance cell proliferation, cell growth, and cell differentiation.

IGF Insulin Recommended Method

It is recommended to centrifuge the powder to the bottom of the tube before opening the lid, then dissolve it in sterilized deionized water to prepare a storage solution of 100 μg/ml. The IGF-1 insulin growth factor can be stored stably for 2 weeks at 2℃ ~ 8℃. When diluted to a lower concentration (not less than 10μg/ml), 0.1% tissue culture grade BSA or HSA is required. If it is necessary to extend the storage time, it is recommended to freeze the recombinant IGF1 product at -80℃ or -20℃ rather than multigelation. This product should be determined by experiment to determine the optimum concentration according to each specific application. 

Igf Insulin

IGF-1 Insulin-Like Growth Factor Transport and Storage Stability 

  • Transportation stability: The recombinant IGF1 insulin growth factor is transported in an ice pack to keep it active. 

  • Storage stability: stable to 24 months at -15°C below, stable to 4 weeks at 2~8°C. Prepared as a storage solution of 100μg/ml, stable storage at 2~8°C for one week.

Notice and Disclaimer for Recombinant IGF1 Insulin-Like Growth Factor

  • Avoid long-time storage in high-temperature environments.

  • Avoid contamination during the operation of the IGF-1 insulin growth factor. 

  • This recombinant IGF1 product is for research use only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of animals or humans.


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All products from the site for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Reproduction of any materials is strictly forbidden without permission.